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Commercial Window Tinting for Boston Churches, Cathedrals & Temples

In Boston alone, there are 339 Catholic churches, 160 Episcopal churches, 213 UCC churches, 86 synagogues, and over a dozen Buddhist temples. With hundreds of religious facilities and places of worship, it is necessary for Boston’s diverse religious community to establish higher building security in order to protect their worshipers and staff. Window tint is the affordable, easy solution that can protect from terrorist and domestic attacks, natural disasters, intruders, and freak accidents. Whether you’re looking to protect your worshippers in your historic Roman Catholic church in the South End or add energy efficiency to your progressive Jewish synagogue in Brighton, we’ve got you covered!

Window Tinting Benefits for Boston Places of Worship

All religious facilities in Boston can benefit from multi-purpose window film. Window tinting can provide churches and temples with a variety of advantages including:

  • Safety and security: Window tinting protects church stained glass windows, deters intruders, and can keep occupants safe in the event of an accident or emergency.
  • Style and decor: Churches can use window film to add custom signage to entrance areas, add privacy to prayer rooms or meeting areas, and enhance interior and exterior aesthetics.
  • Climate control: Window film helps make churches more comfortable for guests and visitors and can save up to 30% on energy costs annually.

Window Tinting Products for Boston Religious Facilities

Our company carries an extensive variety of commercial, energy saving, and decorative window films. When you work with us, your place of worship will have access to all the latest technology as well as a variety of window film styles including:

  • Frosted and decorative window film
  • Solar control window film
  • UV and fade protection film
  • Security window film
  • Ballistic resistant window systems
  • Anti-graffiti film
  • Many other options

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