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Safety & Security Film in Boston

Ballistic Resistant Commercial Window Tinting Benefits for Boston

Boston’s violent crime rate is 88% higher than the Massachusetts average and 83% higher than the national average. That unfortunately doesn’t take into account terrorist attacks, meaning as the conversation for safety and security has dramatically changes over the years, it has become significantly necessary for Boston residents to be proactive on all safety and security concerns. Thanks to the advancements in window tinting technology, there are many window films that can provide advanced protection, even to the point of ballistic resistance. Ballistic resistant window films can protect government buildings in Roxbury, commercial properties in Brighton, and even homes in Chinatown. These highly durable safety and security window films are one of the latest breakthroughs in building security and are essential for any Boston building.

What is Ballistic Resistant Window Film?

Ballistic resistant window film is actually a system of security window film combined with a special priming agent called C-Bond. C-Bond is a liquid bonding agent developed based on years of research in the field of nanotube technology. It eliminates the natural imperfections that exist in glass, altering it at the molecular level to make it stronger and more resistant to impact.

When combined with multiple layers of security window film, C-Bond systems have been proven to be incredibly effective and can strengthen glass by up to 200%. Glass primed with C-Bond is able to endure severe environment stress and incredibly high levels of impact including:

  • Flying debris & construction equipment
  • Wind speeds up to 140 mph
  • Hammer blows
  • Gunshots & improvised explosive devices
  • Vibrations from earthquakes

Common Uses & Applications

C-Bond systems are quickly being installed by schools, government buildings, and military bases across the country, but can be also useful for a variety of applications and settings including:

  • Schools, colleges & universities
  • Government & military buildings
  • Sports arenas & stadiums
  • High rise office buildings
  • Airports & mass transit systems
  • Commercial properties & more

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