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UV Blocking Film in Boston

UV Protection Benefits of Commercial and Residential Window Tinting for Boston

Regardless of the fact that Boston receives over 280 sunny days a year, UV rays are always present even on the cloudiest of days. While it can be nice to enjoy Boston’s beautiful natural sunshine, it is vital to understand the risks of over exposure to UV rays. Harmful UV rays are the culprit to your furniture and flooring discoloring and fading. More importantly, over exposure to UV rays can lead to significant skin disease and premature aging. Window tint is comparable to SPF 1000, protecting your historic government building in Beacon Hill or your classical revival home in the Leather District.

Keep Colors Vibrant and Beautiful

Have you noticed the fading spots on the leather bound sofa next to your lobby window or the discoloration of the carpeting positioned by the office windows? UV rays cause a process called photodegradation in which colors and dyes are broken down and unfortunately lose their beautiful, vibrant appearance. The effect of UV rays are most apparent on hardwood floors, carpeting, and all interior furnishings positioned near windows and glass doors. Window tint blocks out 99.9% of harmful UV rays, prolonging the life of your commercial and residential possessions.

Protect Occupant Health

Over exposure to UV rays can lead to significant eye disease, skin cancer, and other health risks. Over exposure can also results in premature aging and fine lines. The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends the use of window tint in all residential and commercial spaces. Window tint blocks out these harmful UV rays, protecting occupant health in your commercial or residential space.

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