These days, parents in Boston are facing a new type of fear. After the recent events that occured in Maryland and Florida, many parents find that their morning routine is quite different. As they go to drop their child off at school for the day, many parents are flooded by overwhelming fears regarding their child’s safety.

With a crime rate of 83% higher than the rest of the state, Boston has always held its fair share of concerns regarding school safety. But now these fears have reached a new height. Now more than ever, school safety and security is incredibly important. The time to invest in safety and security window film for Boston schools is now.

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How Window Film Can Help Protect Students and Staff During Emergencies

Though security window film is a relatively new technology, it’s advanced greatly during the past few years. Originally, security films were designed for theft prevention. The films worked to deter intrusion by holding broken glass in place. Though this is still a useful technology, today’s security films are far more advanced. Advances have allowed film to become incredibly and strong and durable, giving it the ability to withstand extreme impact, including explosions and gunfire.

When an active shooter is on campus, the goal is to usher students to safety and block off entrances. But since many doors and entryways have windows, locks alone won’t be able to stop an intruder. That’s where security film comes in. With security films, deters who try to break glass to enter a school are delayed or even thwarted entirely by the advanced protection of the film. This gives precious time for police time to arrive on the scene.

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Additional Benefits of Installing Window Film in Schools

In addition to making schools safer and more security, security window film also has many other practical benefits. In Boston, schools can use security film to:

  • Reduce monthly energy costs
  • Increase natural brightness and save on lighting
  • Reduce glare in classrooms, libraries, and computer labs
  • Create interesting decor and signage
  • Improve classroom focus and test scores
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    It’s time to modernize the way we think about school security. Enhance your school’s security system and give your staff and students the protection they need. Call Boston Commercial Window Tinting to receive an estimate on security window film in Boston or speak to an expert about your school’s security needs.