Winters on the East Coast are notorious for their cold, snowy conditions. Westerly winds sweep across Canada and the Northern US, and the moisture in the air cools down as it travels toward the Eastern part of the country. That’s why when winter hits, Boston residents brace themselves for the long periods of frigid temperatures. In Boston, it can be challenging to keep your home warm during the winter. And unfortunately many families end up paying the price of enormous energy costs.

However, all this effort and expense isn’t actually 100% necessary. By installing Thinsulate Window Film for your Boston home, you can lower your heating bill and keep your home comfortable all winter long. Here’s how it works.

What Causes High Home Energy Costs?

No one likes finding out that their energy bill costs more than they expected. When people see large numbers on their energy bill, they start blaming all sorts of things as the cause. The kids have been leaving the lights on. The weather stripping needs to be replaced. But more times than not, the true cause of a high energy bill is poor window insulation. Windows that are old, worn out, or lack insulation leak hot and cold air. During the winter, your heating system pumps out hot air until it senses that the air in your home is at the right temperature. Then it stops and rests. But if all the heat being produced is constantly leaking out the windows, your heating system doesn’t stop running.

How Thinsulate Window Film Can Prevent Heat Loss in the Winter

Thinsulate Window Films are designed to prevent energy loss. Thinsulate Window Films are made of a low-e coating that alters the emissivity of glass. When installed, it essentially stops heat from leaving or entering your home. This allows your hvac system to run more effectively. When you set your thermostat to a certain temperature, your heating unit will create enough heat to bring temps to the desired level. Thinsulate Window Film then prevents the heat from escaping your Boston home.

Install Thinsulate Window Film for Your Boston Home

Keep energy costs low this winter with Thinsulate Window Film for your Boston home. Call Boston Commercial Window Tinting today to schedule an appointment for installation.