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3M: Innovative Window Tinting Solutions

Boston Commercial Window Tinting is proud to partner with 3M to bring Boston home and business owners some of the most advanced window tinting products available on today’s market. 3M is one of the most widely known and reputable window film manufacturers in the country. Whether you’re looking to heighten security in your high rise in the Financial District or resurface the exterior glass on your storefront in Charlestown, 3M has a window film solution for you. Their window tinting solutions are both innovative and reliable and provide a variety of benefits. Their revolutionary window film line includes:

3M Security Commercial Window Tinting

3M Security Commercial Window Tinting offers advanced security and protection for Boston buildings. 3M security window systems are incredibly durable, tear resistant, and can deter everything from burglars and assailants to blasts and natural disasters.

  • Protects occupants from broken glass
  • Resists penetration and deters intruders
  • Mitigates damage from accidents, blasts, and natural disasters

3M Energy Saving Window Tint

3M Energy Saving Window Tint is the ultimate solar protection for homes and businesses. 3M Commercial Window Tinting reduces the amount of heat coming through your windows to make your space more comfortable and energy efficient.

  • Reduces heat gain in the summer by up to 79%
  • Improves comfort and eliminates glare
  • Provides a full ROI in three years or less
  • Blocks up to 99.9% of harmful UV rays
  • Creates consistent internal temperature year round

3M Decorative Commercial Window Tinting

3M Decorative Commercial Window Tinting creates elegant interiors and adds privacy without sacrificing natural light. These stylish, highly customizable decorative films cost only a fraction of the price of custom glass and are available in a variety of styles including frosted, textured, and more.

  • Conceals rooms and areas for added privacy
  • Promotes your brand and business
  • Provides maximum light transmission
  • Utilizes and transforms your existing space
  • Great for temporary sale and event promotions

Boston’s Source for 3M Window Tinting

Boston Commercial Window Tinting is your source for 3M window tinting products in the Boston metro area. We carry an extensive selection of 3M window films and are able to handle projects of any size. Call our office today to receive an estimate on window tinting for your home or business.

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