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Graffiti Shield: Innovative Solution to Graffiti Control

Graffiti Shield offers an unique, revolutionary line of vandalism and graffiti control films that help Boston business owners dramatically lower replacement and repair costs. With a variety of surfaces these films can protect, Graffiti Shield can protect virtually any vandalism prone area from further damage while making them look like new. Whether you’re looking to protect the mirrors in your Roslindale school district or stop further damage to your office building’s elevator in West Roxbury, Graffiti Shield has a solution for you.

Graffiti Shield: Metal Shield

Metal Shield is a thick anti-graffiti film that can be applied to any existing metal surfaces, made to replicate the original surface’s appearance. With a wide variety of applications, Metal Shield costs a fraction of expensive repair and replacement fees. You can simply replace your Metal Shield film in case of further vandalism with no permanent damage caused to your existing metal.

  • Available in stainless steel, brushed aluminum, and brushed gold finishes
  • Great for elevators, escalators, public map display cases, restroom partitions, sign posts, fuel pumps, vending machines, wall panels, ticket machines, and more
  • Quick and easy installation meaning no downtime for repairs

Graffiti Shield: Mirror Shield

Mirror Shield offers the reflective look of a mirror, while providing protection to any mirrored surface underneath. Vandalism vie etching and carving have become more and more popular on public bathroom mirrors. Mirror Shield protects costly mirrors from any further damage while making them look brand new.

  • Protects mirrors against natural corrosion from overexposure to moisture
  • Resistant to abrasive tools and even acid
  • Maintains clean, fresh look often important for retail and restaurant bathrooms

Graffiti Shield: Glass Shield

Glass Shield is an abatement film designed to be clear and undetectable. Glass Shield is a great anti-graffiti solution for glass surfaces in public transit lines, public areas, retail stores, and more. It’s sacrificial nature makes it easy to quickly remove and replace, protecting the integrity of the original glass surface underneath.

  • Offer protection from aggressive vandalism, acid, and solar heat
  • Won’t leave any adhesive residue on glass surfaces
  • Quick and easy replacement, meaning no downtime for your business or transit lines

Graffiti Shield: Custom Shield

Custom Shield is a customizable line for surfaces not made of metal, glass, or mirror. With the same durability against acid and vandalism, Custom Shield is made to mimic specific substrate surfaces.

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