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LLumar-Commercial Window Tinting-Boston

Llumar: Diverse, Powerful & Reliable Commercial Window Tint

With over 60 years of experience and one of the most diverse product lines existing in today’s market, Llumar is undeniably one of the leading window film manufacturers serving North America. Llumar window films provide Boston buildings with a variety of benefits and are both affordable and versatile. Whether you’re looking for an energy saving tint for your newer condominium in Kenmore or are in need of a security window system for your vintage office building in Dudley Square, there’s a Llumar window film that’s right for you.

Llumar Solar Control Window Tint

LLumar Solar Control Window Tints are designed for optimal performance and clarity, allowing you to maintain the beauty and use of your windows without sacrificing energy efficiency or UV protection. Llumar window films reduce heat and glare while providing maximum visible light transmission for a bright, welcoming space.

  • Reflects heat for maximum comfort and energy savings
  • Reduces fading in upholstery, interior furnishings, flooring, and curtains
  • Eliminates glare without blocking light
  • Protects occupant skin and health by blocking UV

Llumar Decorative Commercial Window Tinting

Llumar Decorative Commercial Window Tinting create privacy and add color while filtering light and enhancing interiors. Available in a variety of intriguing styles such as frosted, gradient, and patterned with the added luxury of custom printing options, LLumar Decorative Commercial Window Tints make a striking addition to any design or building.

  • Provide privacy without sacrificing light
  • Mimic the upscale look of specialty, custom glass
  • Obscure views and hide design flaws
  • Diffuse light for optimal brightness and comfort

Llumar Safety and Security Commercial Window Tinting
Llumar Safety and Security Commercial Window Tints are designed to protect vulnerable access points while enhancing glass strength and adding security to buildings. By protecting occupants, furniture, and valuables from accidents, intruders, and vandalism, LLumar Safety and Security Commercial Window Tinting provide peace of mind and safety.

  • Prevents smash and grabs and deters burglars
  • Reduces risk of glass related injuries
  • Improves glass shatter resistance
  • Mitigates damage from accidents and blasts

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