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Madico: Pioneer in Window Tinting

Boston Commercial Window Tinting is proud to partner with Madico to bring Boston business and home owners some of the most innovative window films available in today’s market. Madico has been improving their comprehensive window film lines for over 30 years, offering Boston residents high-functioning, versatile window films. Whether you’re a commercial architect looking to finish the exterior of your new build in Downtown Boston or you’re a home owner seeking additional security for your home in Jamaica Plain, Madico has a window tint for you.

Madico Architectural Film

Madico offers architectural film  for both commercial and residential applications. Madico Architectural Film is great for lowering energy costs and reducing CO2 emissions, while increasing occupant comfort.

  • Rejects up to 86% of the sun’s heat, drastically lowering your energy costs and helps Boston building owners attain LEED credits.
  • Extends the life of valuable furnishings by blocking out up to 99% of harmful UV rays.
  • Enhances commercial building’s exteriors by eliminating visual clutter and creating a uniform appearance.

Madico Safety and Security Window Film

Madico Safety and Security Window Film series help reduce personal injuries, property damage, and loss caused by any natural disaster or crime. Available in a large variety of tints, styles, and shades, Madico Safety and Security Window Films offer multiple solutions for your Boston home or business.

  • Prevents glass from shattering during natural disasters or attack, mitigating broken glass hazards from occupants and possessions.
  • Blast mitigation from any terror and domestic attacks or natural disasters.
  • Protects the most vulnerable access points in any building, deterring break-ins and attacks.

Madico Decolite Designer Window Film

Madico Decolite Designer Window Film is their series of decorative films that elegantly enhance any glass interior. This customizable film had a variety of benefits and allows you to transform and utilize your existing space.

  • Achieve etched or frosted glass look at fraction of the cost of glass replacement.
  • Decolite Designer Window Films can be custom cut to fit any residential or commercial space.
  • Create privacy in areas that need more seclusion, such as conference rooms, restrooms, and office spaces.

Madico Solution Series

Madico Solution Series consists of films designed to offer specific solutions outside of traditional window film applications. These revolutionary films range from vandalism protection to specialty UV blocking systems.

  • UV-Gard Window Film: filters over 99% of UV rays while still allowing maximum amount of visible light into your space. This optically-clear film is designed for museums and retail store-fronts where maximum light transmission and fade control are major concerns.
  • Amber 81: filters over 99% of UV rays into low visible light regions, specifically designed for medical buildings, technology-based clean rooms, and photography purposes.
  • Graffiti-Free: designed to protect glass and any other smooth, non-porous surface from vandalism and graffiti, cutting repair and replacement costs drastically.
  • Blister Free: created specifically for polycarbonate and acrylic surfaces in order to reduce moisture absorption that often leads to blistering.
  • Printables: custom film printing that offers endless design options that are also available with UV blocking and scratch resistant properties for commercial or public areas.
  • View Control: designed to change between transparency and translucency as the viewing angle changes, creating privacy from only certain angles.

Boston’s Trusted Source for Madico Window Films

Boston Commercial Window Tinting is the trusted source for Madico window films. We carry Madico’s full line of window tints and are happy to work with you to find the solution you need for your Boston home or business. Call us today to schedule an on-site consultation or to learn more about Madico products.

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