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Drywired Liquid NanoTint: Clear Window Tint with Energy Savings

Optimize your views, stabilize your temperatures, and save up to 30% annually with Drywired Liquid NanoTint. Liquid NanoTint offers Boston building owners a clear, easy to install alternative to traditional window tint. Liquid NanoTint provides all the same benefits of polyester window films such as UV protection and energy savings without the unattractive dark or reflective appearance. Due to its liquid form, it can be installed on virtually any glass surface, including skylights, textured glass, and more. Whether you’d like to increase the energy efficiency of your church’s stained glass in Brighton or protect your Back Bay office’s floor to ceiling windows from UV rays, Liquid NanoTint is the affordable solution for you.

What is Liquid NanoTint?

Liquid NanoTint is a thermal insulation coating designed to boost glass performance and energy efficiency. It’s created from a combination of metal-oxide nanoparticles and an inorganic adhesive binder that bonds directly to glass and attaches at the molecular level. When cured, Liquid NanoTint provides an incredible level of solar protection. It blocks out 99.9% of UV rays and 95% of infrared rays, while maintaining 90% visible light transmission for optimal performance and clarity.

Liquid NanoTint Benefits

Liquid NanoTint is the ultimate energy saving solution for high rise offices, floor to ceiling glass, and other hard to reach areas. Since Liquid NanoTint is a liquid substance, it can be applied to virtually any glass or polycarbonate surface, making it incredibly easy to install. With a clear, non-reflective appearance, and amazing energy savings, what’s not to love?

    • Mitigates radiant and conductive heat for year round energy efficiency
    • Can be applied to bent glass, historic buildings, and textured surfaces
    • Does not peel, crack, or fade, with a product life lasting up to 10 years
    • Protects against heat and UV rays while maintaining optimal light and clarity
    • Does not block RF signals or interfere with radio transmission

Install Liquid NanoTint for Your Boston Building

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