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Solar Gard Sustainable Solutions for Boston Properties

Solar Gard is one of the industry leaders in sustainable window films, providing high solar heat rejection and insulation properties for comprehensive savings. With lowered HVAC consumption and incredible benefits that add comfort and functionality to any Boston property, Solar Gard is a great investment and provides cost-effective advantages.

The Silver Series

Boston homes and businesses can both benefit from the Silver Series. With precious metals implemented throughout this window film line, property owners can experience significant solar heat rejection as well as incredible UV protection, privacy, and glare reduction. The highly reflective look offers a modern aesthetic and better exterior privacy.

The Silver AG Series

With dual-climate weather featuring extreme temperature variables, the Silver AG Series is perfect for Boston residential and commercial properties. With all the same great benefits of the Silver Series but with added Low-E insulation, you’ll experience warmer winters and cooler summers.

The ULR Low Reflectivity Series

Storefronts and window displays require a high level of visibility– the ULR Low Reflectivity Series promotes a low reflectivity appearance with high visible light transmissions. Enjoy moderate solar heat rejection paired with UV protection and optically clear views.

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