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C-Bond Systems: Ballistic Resistant Solution

The world we live in can be a dangerous place. Even in Boston, crimes like theft, vandalism, and acts of violence are a serious issue. And when disaster strikes, you need a plan in place. C-Bond Systems can provide your Boston building with the protection it needs. C-Bond Systems are one of the strongest and most innovative security window system existing on today’s market. Engineered with the specific intent to strengthen glass, C-Bond uses the power of nanotechnology to protect windows against accidents and damage and can ward off everything from hammer blows to 140 mph windows and extreme impact. Whether you’d like to heighten the security in your Grove Hall business or your Forest Hills home, C-Bond is the solution for you.

About C-Bond Systems

C-Bond Systems are a system of security window films combined with a scientifically advanced glass primer, called C-Bond solution. C-Bond solution covalently bonds to glass and eliminates all microscopic flaws and defects. By eliminating these imperfections, C-Bond makes glass stronger and allows it to dissipate energy from impact. Additionally, by filling the capillary voids on glass and eliminating the presence of air and moisture, C-Bond allows window film to adhere properly during installation. This makes the film more effective and also expedites the cure time and installation process.

Benefits of C-Bond Systems for Your Boston Home or Office

From schools and libraries to government buildings, banks, hotels, and commercial properties, buildings of all types in Boston can benefit from C-Bond security window tinting. C-Bond allows building owners to achieve comfort and peace of mind and also protects occupants from injury.

  • Resists impact, gunshots, and explosions and provides more time for occupants to flee to safety
  • Uses carbon nanotube technology, one of the strongest substances in the world, to strengthen windows and glass surfaces
  • Expedites cure time for window tinting and improves film adhesion
  • Protects against accidents, intruders, blasts, and high speed winds
  • Water-based, non-toxic solution and environmentally friendly technology

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Boston Commercial Window Tinting is your source for C-Bond window tint in the Boston area. Our company is C-Bond certified and knows all the proper techniques and procedures for this highly advanced window film application. Call our office today to schedule an appointment or get more information.

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