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V-Kool: Recognized Clear Film Solution

V-Kool window tints are widely used among a large number of companies, businesses, and organizations. V-Kool developed their window films from major advances in surface and particle science, originally developed for America’s space and defense programs. This durable, optically clear polyester film is recognized for energy savings and solar rejection. Whether you’re looking to lower your South End home’s internal temperature during the summer or you’d like to save money on your monthly utility bill in your Hyde Park business, V-Kool has the product for you.

Benefits of V-Kool Window Film

V-Kool window film specializes in UV blockage and heat rejection while maintaining high light transmission and an optically clear look. These window films significantly reduce your electricity bill without blocking sunlight or compromising your view.

  • Blocks 96% of infrared heat, lowering energy costs
  • Eliminates 99% of UV rays, protecting against fading and discoloration
  • Comparable to SPF 200+ for optimal skin and eye protection
  • Allows over 70% of visible light transmission into your space
  • Maintains optically clear view both night and day
  • Makes your glass shatter resistant
  • Reduces glare while preventing hot/cold spots

Blocking up to 65% of total heat, V-Kool is a great solution in lowering your energy costs.

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