Having plenty of natural light in your office is important. Natural lighting creates a more aesthetically pleasant look and ambience. And it also allows your employees and clients to see better, eliminating the potential for eye strain or other safety hazards. Not to mention, it dramatically reduces your dependency on artificial lighting, which can save you tons of money on energy costs.

But did you know that window film can also improve your Boston office comfort and productivity? That’s why at Boston Commercial Window Tinting, we always recommend Llumar Window Film for commercial property owners. Llumar Window Film is one of the best daylight redirecting films out there. It’s reliable, affordable, and is incredibly effective when it comes to solar control.

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Why Natural Light Is Important for Office Buildings

Natural light is important for much more than aesthetic reasons. Studies show that offices with ample amounts of natural lighting are actually healthier and more productive.

You see, the sun plays an important role in determining how our bodies function. When our bodies come into contact with the sun, a chain of events occurs that leads to the production of white blood cells and endorphins.

White blood cells help keep the body’s immune system strong, and prevent illness. Endorphins are equally just as important since they control our mood.

In this way, the sunlight actually makes employees happier, healthier, and more productive.


How Llumar Window Film Improves Office Productivity

Llumar Window Film improves office productivity because it increases natural brightness. In an office without window film, the sunlight can also get so far, stopping not too far away from the windows.

Additionally, many office buildings install blinds in attempt to fight high energy costs. This blocks out the sun completely.

Llumar Window Films work differently because they actually extend the reach of natural sunlight. Using spectrally selective technology, Llumar Window Films block out heat while forcing natural light deeper into building interiors.

This allows all employees to enjoy the benefits of the sun, not just the people sitting by the windows. Again, more sunlight equals more productive employees. In addition to this, but it also reduces glare in your office too.

Experience the Benefits of Llumar Window Film

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